Sunday, June 04, 2006

For My Good Friend

Tonite I had my girlfriend over for dinner to celebrate her belated birthday. I cooked Japanese food for her but was too busy to take any pictures of the food. I also made a oreo cheesecake for her.

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Although I did not take pix of the food, I managed to take a pix of the dessert though.

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BoZoGEMOK said...

Lee Lee, oooh.. the cheesecake was so cute looking especially the pinkish coloured lips. Lucky girlfriend of yours!;)

Anonymous said...

lovely cake! Just came back from Taiwan. Will drop by to office, probably Wed and yes.... must remember to return you the cake decor books.

rokh said...

the cake deco is so cute!

Anonymous said...

hi i jus found ur blog and am really impressed with your cakes! do you sell them? can i buy one from you? :)i'm also a singapore mommy :)

jadepearl said...

Awesome, awesome cakes!!!

Hugbear said...

Nana, why rockhard? Temp of oven, oil, flour maybe. I don't know. Are you using tthsky's recipe? If yes, then should not have this problem. Did you bake it for a longer to get a darker brown color?

Hugbear said...

Hi Spot, thanks for your confidence in me. LOL

I usually take order on an adhoc basis and they are usually from friends or colleague. Drop me an email at if you are really interested. Cheers,

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