Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sago Pomelo Mango Dessert (杨枝甘露)

Since now is the mid-autumn festival and you can find lots of pomelo around, I have decided to cook this dessert for our dinner with my parents and some relatives. The fact that I happened to see some nice mango on sale also helped me to make up my mind about making this dessert. (Initially I was going to cook gingko nuts in beancurd skin :))

I got this recipe from Florence's blog and I like it. It has a nice thick creamy taste but I had wished that the pomelo could be sweeter. I find the pomelo has a bit of bitter taste but not much just a tiny bit though. The best pomelo I have tasted so far was when we were holidaying in Phuket. So sweet, so juicy.

Anyway, here is my version of this dessert. The green and red thingy you see are tiny bits of glazed cherry I have added for visual effect. Since it was a last minute decision to make this dessert, I didn't have time to go to Phoon Huat to buy the colourful 'tadpole' to be added so had to make do with my glazed cherries.





wenn said...

wow..colourful dessert..nice..

Anonymous said...

This looks really yummy. Mind if I ask what is the "colourful tadpole thing"?


Hugbear said...

The 'colourful tadpole' is something like the colour tapioca flour thingy that we put into the bubur chacha. I think it should be made of tapioca flour also and coloured and shaped like a tadpole.

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