Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy National Day, Singapore!

I made some spritz cookies tonight. The recipe's conversion from cups to gram is totally off. I only realised it when the dough turned out to be dry. I have made this before using cup measurement and I was able to use a cookie press to press out the dough. But this time, it was impossible. In the end I had to roll the dough out and cut them with cookie cutters. Fortunately the cookies still turned out ok.

Since Singapore's National Day is just around the corner, I printed LOVE and SINGAPORE on my heart shape cookies to wish Singapore a wonderful birthday.


The rest of the cookies are made in different shapes with different toppings. So colourful and it gives a joyous mood to the cookies.








chow and chatter said...

happy national day great cookies nice idea

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Birthday Singapore! My girls love these colorful sprinkles cookies.

Anonymous said...

Baking Mum, eveything in your blog looks girls will definitely like this cookies.

EK :)

Hugbear said...

Ching and EK, not only little children will like it. My colleagues like it too.

Cookie said...

the cookies with the letter press looks great!

may I ask where you get the press?


Hugbear said...

Hi Cookie, I got it through a friend from Germany I think.

Ling said...

Hi can i check wif u, if u will b able to share this recipe? and if this coookie dough will spread when its being baked?

Hugbear said...

Hi Ling, I will put the recipe up here. No, the cookies doesn't spread during baking.

Jennifer said...

Hi LeeLee,

When do you add the thousands and millions and other deco on the cookies, before bake or after bake?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Lee Lee,

Just bought 1 set of the letterpress fm kitchen capers hope that you can share the recipe with us or e-mail to me at caused my children requested me to bake cookies with their teachers name on it for their teachers next Mon or teachers day gift.
Hope to hear fm you soon.

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