Saturday, December 20, 2008

Step-by-Step pictures on how to make Ondeh Ondeh

I have received quite a few messages saying that they have problem with adding more tapioca flour to the mixture than the recipe asked for. Since I was making this to give to my mom and relatives just two weeks ago, I have taken some step-by-step picture for your reference.

Steamed sweet potato and mashed it with some pandan paste.

Add in 150g of tapioca flour.

Mix it well into the mashed sweet potato.


After mixing in the tapioca flour, this is what I have got of the dough, ready to be used to wrap with the filling.

I wrapped some with chopped gula meleka and some with coconut filling.



You can see from my pictures that after adding 150g of flour, the texture was just right for wrapping. I did not need to add more water or more flour. If your mixture turns out too wet, add more flour but should not be too much. If too dry, add more water, a little at a time.


Anonymous said...

So kind and helpful of you to take these pics for us all.

Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please post the ondeh2 recipe? it looks so yummy.

Thank yo,

Hugbear said...

The recipe can be found in my blog under Desserts/Local Desserts.

may said...

Hi Lee Lee, may I know why I made my ondeh ondeh with chopped gula melaka, but the gula melaka won't like yours (melting) and mine still can feel pieces in it ( I even blend it in the food processor)... tq & merry christmas

Sha said...

Sweet potato with pandan paste ? I have to try !!

valkuan said...

hello baking mum,

can i use brown sugar in place of gula melaka?


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