Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to make pattern agar agar (jelly)

I did some agar agar for a bbq gathering tonight and took some step-by-step pictures of how it was done for reference for those who are interested.

First cook the coconut layer of the agar agar following the recipe that I have shared before. Pour it into a washed and shake dry mould. Leave it in the fridge to harden. Then use a cutter to cut out the pattern.


Use a skewer or cake tester to remove the cut outs and leave it aside. Leave the tray in the fridge while you cook the coloured layer.


Pour the cooked coloured layer over the prepared tray. Leave it to cool down and leave it fridge to harden. Cut out into individual square to show the cut out flower in each square.


I cooked another batch of coloured agar agar to be used with the cut-out flowers. I used individual tart moulds for them.


This is how it look like after unmoulding.


MamaElla said...

Wow...very pretty and so sweet...!!

Anonymous said...

Tks Lee Lee for the insight! may make this for the coming cny :)

Art of Eating said...

wow ! this is very impressive and creative. 1 make with 2 different design. nice nice, i like the look of it. Thanks for sharing

clarii said...

That's so creative!

Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Mum

It is good to see you back!

Wishing you a very Merry X'mas and a good start to Year 2009.

Cookie said...

Swee swee agh!

~Ling~ said...

Wow Creative! These are so sweet and pretty!

Have a Blessed X'mas and New Year!

WendyinKK said...


Wanna ask, how did u make the coconut layer without the coconut agar-agar seperating into two layers:-coconut and clear layer?
I can't find ur previous agar-agar post


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the technique. I saw it somewhere but the blogger refuse to share because she is selling similar product. It was laid on top of a cake. Now I know how it was done.

Happy New Year to your family.

Regards from
Queen Butter

Hugbear said...

Hi Queen Butter, sometimes it is not an obligation for all bloggers to share all their recipes. I am sure each will have their own reason why certain recipes cannot be shared.

Anonymous said...

These are really really pretty and it's such and ingenious way of making them =)

Anonymous said...

Impressive! Love it!
Thanks for sharing.

alicesg said...

Wow good idea. You are very creative in your cooking. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hugbear, i've tried this technique and it was beautiful. But i noticed the colour i filled into the "holes" will spread to the white part the following day. Does Not look as beautiful as i made on that day itself.. Any advice to prevend this?THanks..

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