Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yam Jelly Mooncake

I made some to bring to the office for my colleagues. Gave my mom a box too. Made the yam paste myself so it's not too sweet. Will be doing different flavours nearer Mooncake festival for my family and friends.



Family First said...

Looks really good for tea break and dessert!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I have the recipe for this? It looks really tasty!

Hugbear said...

I have posted a recipe for this and the link is here http://bakingmum.blogspot.com/2007/08/lotus-paste-jelly-mooncake.html

Yan said...

hi Leelee,
i adore the look of this yam moonies.
1. my favourite color
2. my favourite yam



Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Mum

Your moon cakes are so tempting and beautiful.

Many thanks for posting such great recipes. Your recipes are simple to follow and they all turn our great. I did the fried tung hoon for one of my gatherings and it was so well received with guests asking for the recipe. I printed it out and made copies for them. They tried and their family embers like it so much. Thank you once again!

Amy Goh said...

Hi, Lee!

Your moon cakes looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you post the recipe for your yam paste thanks alot

KWF said...

Yo, Lee! I had decided not to make mooncakes this year. But seeing yours make my hands itch again!

Anonymous said...

Hi...Can u pls email yr recipe to make the Yam Paste for me???As the link u post, it is for Lotus Paste..but i would like to make Yam Flavour for my parent in this year mooncake festival..(this is my 1st try to make Mooncake) Thanks alot... :)
My email : hsiling851124@hotmail.com

Hugbear said...

Hi Yvonne, to make the yam paste. First steam the yam until it is soft. Mashed up the yam and put it into a mixer with a k-beater attached. Mixed the yam with enough sugar to your liking, you can taste the yam for the sweetness. If your yam is too dry at this point, you can add some oil to it and continue to mix. Yam will be ready to be used when it has become a paste.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot... Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Anonymous said...

OH! i miss those jelly mooncakes ; ( Ah Leng

Sylvia said...

These are just beautiful! So detailed. I am definitely impressed, although I've never heard of a yam mooncake. Interesting.

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