Saturday, March 15, 2008

One week of break for school

I have had four kids at home since Wednesday. My sister left her two older kids at my place as she is having a short holiday in Taipei with her hubby. My niece and nephew love to stay at my place as I will bake and cook for them whenever I can. I actually took leave on Thursday as I intended to bring them out but the weather was bad so we stayed home the whole day. While we were home, I made pizza, pandan chiffon cake, fried wanton and guotie and curry chicken with bread for them. Sorry no pictures to share though.

Tonight however I took some pictures of the stuff I baked and cooked for them and here they are.

Their favourite bread.


Dinner for them.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a spread! No wonder your niece & nephew wouldn't mind going to your place!!! Lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are such a wonderful mom and aunt...

Whisk N Bake said...

Hi there! How did you shape those wonderful delicious bread? Especially the sausage ones? I am into bread making now too, but am really bad at it. Any instructions you can share? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you please leave the recipe for the Ham and Cheese bread and the Cheese Stick on your blog? They look so delicious and I would like to try baking them soon!


Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your niece and nephew is so lucky to have such a nice aunt like you!

KWF said...

Lee, can I be your niece? :D

Nice bread and delicious dishes you've got. What a bunch of lucky kids!

jthorge said...

Lee, all the food look so delicious!

Yuri said...

Hi, I want to be your kid/niece/nephew too! All the buns look so good and professional!

Elins Cards and other handscrafts said...

Ohh... my.... that looked so jummy... The food and the bread.. just so I can feel the smell in my mouth ;o)

Sandy said...

hi hi
ur breads look great! i bet they taste great too! no wonder the kids love u! what sort of ham and sausages did u use?

Anonymous said...

You're such a loving aunt. Everything looks yum...

Anonymous said...

Hey LeeLee,

It's P.T. Your homemade bread looks better than the ones sold at the bakery. Do remember to tell your hubby and children that your blog readers think they are so lucky to have you. If they don't appreciate you, I will go over to your house and wring their necks.

Hugbear said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Hi Sandy, I used pinic ham and chicken sausage bought from NTUC. Actually you can use any type of ham and sausage.

Anonymous said...

your recipes are GREAT can u please make the following recipes (with pictures if you can)available on this blog page: the ham and cheese bread;
cheese sticks;
sweet and sour pork;
fried prawns;
and bacon onion parmesan cheese bread
I will be VERY GRATEFUL to you
Thank You

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