Friday, April 06, 2007

For the kids

My niece and nephew stayed with me on Thursday so that I can bring them to attend the special Good Friday service at my church. After service, my domestic helper and I quickly whipped up something very simple and fast. Most of the stuff are fried so it took us less then 30 mins to get them ready for the 4 hungry kids.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy Fish & Chip sets, my son will surely pester me to prepare for him if he sees yours ..

God Bless,

Little Corner of Mine said...

Agreed with Kellie, your fish & chips look sooooo good! *drool*

Hugbear said...

Thanks Kellie and Ching. Everything was store bought, hehehe, including the fish and it's really not expensive at all. I saw the frozen fish fillet at the same place where I bought my crabs. 5 pieces for S$5 and it's from NZ so thought of getting a pack to try lor.

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