Saturday, February 03, 2007

Prawn Noodles

I did some of my Chinese New Year marketing today. Have to make room in my freezer to store them so I had used up a few packets of the prawn shells that my helper has kept for me. The fastest way is to make prawn noodles. So you see, here is my prawn noodles.

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I had lots of pineapple juice left over from making pineapple jam. Used it to make some pineapple flavour konnayku jellies. Very nice, sweet and sour at the same time. I like it.

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I have always panfried my guotie. So for a change, I tried steaming it. Turned out very nice too. Next time can make both panfried and steamed version.

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:: Lavender Cupcaker :: said...

yummy! Your gyoza looks pretty good! Do u have a recipe to share?

I don't have that kind of a steamer, think i need to go hunting for one! :)

PutuPiring said...

Thats a to-die-for bowl of prawn noodles!!!! :)

Hugbear said...

Lavender cupcake I will share the recipe later.

PP, start collecting prawns shell then you can cook this liao. Kekekeke

Peony said...

lovely food...

may I know what is the size of your bamboo steamer ? 27 cm ?

cos I wld like to get one but can't decide on a suitable size. thanks

Hugbear said...

Peony, it's 23 cm.

:: Lavender Cupcaker :: said...

hihi u still havent post up the recipe?

i thinking of making it during CNy. thanks alot. :)

Hugbear said...

I am super bz now with baking for cny as I need to finish all my baking by Tue to meet the orders that I have taken. Sorry will not be able to post anything until after cny.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lee Lee,

Just wan to drop by and wish you and your family "A blessed CNY - Gong Xi Fa Cai. May you enjoy much health and wealth in the year 2007 of the Pig"

wif kind rgds, k

Aisa said...

those konnayku jellies; i was just wondering if they're soft, because they look like hard candy... and they look very nice, too. :D

Hugbear said...

Hi aisa, they are soft and chewy. Very nice. Where are you from and can you get konnakyu jelly from where you are?

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