Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Orange Macan Roll

I tried out another wonderful recipe from Aunty Yochana's blog. I love this very much. The texture of the swiss roll is really soft and nice. Thanks so much Lucy.

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I had two different patterns for the skin. One is following Lucy's recipe and the other one is my own pattern as I was trying to use up all the chocolate portion of the mixture.

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A close-up view of one of the swiss roll.
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Anonymous said...

Lee, very nice rolls u ve got there! Was at Aunty Yochana's blog just now. She is really good at baking and cooking.


Amrita said...

hi leelee

i tried the sugar roll again and i succeeded 99%.....but making a chocolate one and..well, failed :(

Hugbear said...

How come chocolate one failed. What happened?

Amrita said...

i really am not sure but it sure made me sad..thought that I had conquered the swiss roll monster!

yochana said...

Lee Lee,

Your swiss rolls looks wonderful. Thumbs Up!!!


Hugbear said...

Thanks Lucy.

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