Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Erica. Sorry I did a rush job on your bday cake. After work tonite I quickly baked a spongecake and waited for it to be cool enough to start my frosting. I was rushing through my frosting and you can tell by the look of this cake. Not very nice. Anyway, it's the thoughts that count right! LOL Hope you have a wonderful birthday and everything that you wish for will come true.

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Cranberry said...

Lee, your galfriend is so lucky to have such a nice friend like u!

Hugbear said...

Thanks Jestina. I am lucky to have many very good friends too and you are one of them.

Cranberry said...

Lee,I have received countless yummy goodies and bakes from you and my family members are just so lucky! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Lee, your frosting looks great!!!! I am clueless abt frosting. may I know how to make frosting ar? is it just whip cream?

Anonymous said...

hi is your frosting buttercream? Doea frosting = buttercream???

Hugbear said...

There are frosting either by fresh whipped cream or by buttercream. Normally for me I prefer fresh whipped cream over buttercream. All the frosting you see here are using fresh cream frosting.

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