Monday, April 17, 2006

My very first blog

It is amazing that my very first blog was created with the help of my son. Nowadays, children are so IT savvy. I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while but just can't get my butt down to start one.

My son, Jaren has just learned how to start his own blog from his science teacher today and while showing me his blog, he had helped me create my own blog and even suggested my blog to be Bakingmum. I am truly impressed by him and hope that he will continue to pen his thoughts in his own blog. Well done, Jaren.


culinary said...

wah, after the gathering, you create your blog, keep it up...

Hugbear said...

Jingle, very inspired by you lah. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow, Lee, so happy to see your blog. Happy posting and blogging.


Anonymous said...

Lee, great to see that you have your own blog!

Ma-li :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Jaren boy! Well done Lee!

Keep it up ah... this is just a beginning... Cheers! :)

Sharon Oldie

Unknown said...

Welcome to the world of foodblogging. Hope to get lots of baking tips from u.

Anonymous said...

another blog to surf for nice, test and tried recipes ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrates lee lee n well done Jaren. I've bake yr butter cake and yr soft sweet bun. My family loves it vvvery much. Congrates again leelee.


Fonia said...

Sifu Leelee... Happy Blogging! I'm so happy as I have another blog to learn from... Yippe ;P

Anonymous said...

Good for U, Lee :)
I've to bookmark your blog down for more yummy recipes :)


Anonymous said...

Hugbear, it's wonderful to see your blog finally! I had tried baking your Butter cake and sweet bun and they are delicious!!!! Keep up your good work and really thankful for your great-tasting recipes.


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